How To Use Less Energy To Reduce Global Warming?

In order to use less energy, we all must learn how to live on a fraction of the energy we currently consume. We should understand the problems and take measures accordingly to reduce global warming. There are ways to use less energy, which if strictly followed can make more of a dramatic effect. So, how to use less energy? Read on to know.

Tips on how to use less energy

Drive less
Fewer vehicles on the road mean fewer emissions and lesser greenhouse gas emissions. Besides saving our fuel, we also get to exercise if we walk or cycle to our work, which is good for our health too.

Go for energy-efficient products
Whether it is a car or home appliances, you will find a range of energy-efficient models to choose from. You can go for hybrid cars or replace all the light bulbs in your home with energy-efficient fluorescents. Similarly, use other electronic gadgets like, washing machines, dish washers, grinders and mixers with high energy efficiency. These are some good tips on how to use less energy at home.

Add insulation
By adding insulation to the walls and ceilings in your office and home, one can lower the heating or cooling costs, thus reducing the amount of energy used.

Use less hot water
Among other ways to use less energy, one can set the water heater at lower degrees to save energy. They can wash clothes in warm or cold water instead of hot water. Use the energy-saving settings on the dishwasher and air conditioner. These simple actions will teach you on how to use less energy at home and save at least 500 pounds of carbon dioxide annually.

Use the "Off" Switch
Turn off any lights, AC, TV, Stereo, computer or fan when you are leaving the room. Use only as much light as you need. You will not only use less energy but reduce your bills too!

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