The Solar Variation And Global Warming

Could there be a possible relation between Solar variation and global warming? Although solar variations have been the cause of past climate changes, the effect of any changes in solar forcing any major change is still uncertain. Some studies have shown a slight cooling effect, while others studies propose a slight warming effect.

The Solar variation and global warming due to greenhouse gases affect temperatures in different ways. Although both activities are expected to warm the troposphere, a rise in solar activity should warm the stratosphere while an increase in greenhouse gases should cool the stratosphere. Scientific observations have shown the temperatures in the stratosphere to have been cooling ever since satellite measurements became available. But still there is greater uncertainty in the early radiosonde record.

Talking further about Solar variation and global warming, based on related hypothesis, the magnetic activity of the sun deflects cosmic rays. This may control the creation of cloud condensation nuclei and thereby affect the climate on earth. However, some other research has not found any relation between the Solar variation and global warming in recent decades. The influence of cosmic solar rays on cloud cover is about a factor of 100 lower than needed to explain the observed changes in clouds or to be a major contributor to present-day climate change due to global warming.

The current media attention on solar variation and global warming, debates on how much the sun is to be blamed for the issues. The debate goes on over which is most responsible for warming the planet, solar variation, which is beyond human control, or something like emission of green house gases, which is well within our ability to change.

So, while there is no plausible science indicating that the solar variation is causing the rise in global temperature; it's sure that the known physical properties of greenhouse gasses that are continually being emitted are the only authentic explanation of global warming.

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