Pollution and Global Warming

Pollution and global warming go hand in hand. As we all know, Petroleum, one of the main sources of energy, is used for transportation as well as making electricity, and many other things. And this is a major source of pollution; it is still being used to fuel major part of our energy needs. Read on to gather more info on atmospheric pollution and global warming.

For example, driving to work daily and worse is when one gets stuck in the traffic. Your vehicle is releasing air pollution and global warming will sure get on the rise due to this. Billions of vehicles are out there on the road. So one can just imagine the amount of millions of pollutants getting emitted into the air, especially in big cities. In some densely populated cities, this also leads to smog and ozone problems. But fortunately, there are answers to air pollution and global warming.

We can all do something. Go for car pools instead and start switching over to hybrid or electric cars, which are environmentally friendly vehicles. Some countries are already using cars that run on hydrogen, while in the near future; talk are going on about ethanol to replace petroleum in cars, which seems to be a promising change.

Another growing problem of the modern world is the water pollution and global warming. Although, many people are still not aware of the issue, but more and more people are becoming aware about it. Most people only think of air pollution when pollution and global warming are mentioned. However, there are other forms of pollution, like the water pollution that are just as harmful and can lead to global warming. Water pollution has effect on those that inhabit any of those bodies of earth, and includes the plant life as well as the marine life. This kind of pollution effects the health of the water creatures, which, in turn, effects the food. Water pollution may not be the direct cause of global warming, but it kills ecosystems which maintain a balanced environment.

Atmospheric pollution and global warming need to be monitored so as to eliminate or at least minimize its exposure to the planet.

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