The Health Effects of Global Warming

The health effects of global warming are beginning to surface. Developed nations have the skills and infrastructure to deal with the problems and are already taking adequate measures to curb the problems that can result from global warming. The World Health Organization has conducted a regional and global assessment to assess human health effects of global warming.

It has been concluded that climate change due to global warming has changed the seasonal distribution of some allergenic pollen species. The distribution of some infectious disease vectors has altered. There are increased reports of heatwave-related deaths. Hence, it is clear to see the health effects of global warming already.

As per the human health effects of global warming, human beings remain exposed to all these climate changes through changing weather patterns, which include the rising temperature, distribution of rainfall, sea-level rise and some extreme weather events. Millions of people would be affected. There is expected to be an increase in malnutrition resulting to more deaths. Diseases and injury due to extreme weather events will be o the rise. High concentrations of ground-level ozone in urban areas will aggravate cardio-respiratory diseases. Diarrhea diseases will be more frequent. It will be mammoth task to insulate the world's population from disease and injury due to climate change and global arming. Increased drought will diminish the variety in diets and also reduce overall consumption. This can lead to malnutrition and micronutrient deficiencies. The health effects of global warming are a serious issue that should be taken seriously.

Discussing further on human health effects of global warming, according to some Harvard Medical School doctors, the recent outbreaks of malaria, dengue fever, Hanta virus and similar diseases are the consequences of global warming. They also fear that the incidence of kidney stones is likely to go up and so are many other conditions. The long term serious consequence to human health is likely to threaten our very existence on this planet. Read some of the alarming facts related to it.

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