The Global Warming Myths And Facts

With hundreds of articles on global warming floating on the web, plus all the hype in the media, is bound to give rise to several global warming myths and facts. With the influx of information available, it is often confusing to separate the scientifically accepted global warming facts from the distorted global warming myths.

Here is a brief overview of global warming facts and myths:

First Myth: Humans aren’t to blame for global warming

Fact: Bursting this number one of the global warming myths, human beings are directly correlated to the current rise in greenhouse gases and global temperatures. The confirmation is frightfully clear, giving rest to any real, scientific global warming debate. The vast majority of climate scientists agree that global warming has increased considerably ever since the Industrial Revolution.

Second Myth: Global warming is a natural cycle

Fact: The climate change does follow a natural cycle of fluctuation. But the current change is so aberrant that scientists are already sounding alarm bells, predicting a steady fast rise in the average global temperature. It might seem insignificant to one, but on a global scale, even small rises in temperature can prove to be devastating. This is one of the important global warming facts.

Third Myth: Global warming will have positive effects

Fact: Although small amount of global warming may benefit some select regions, the negative effects of global warming will be far more. Terrible disasters such as drought, flooding and famine will play havoc with the planet. These extreme weather conditions will affect the food producing regions of the earth in a negative way. Rising sea levels are bound to dislocate several million people each year, putting further strain on already strained agricultural lands.

Fourth Myth: There is no immediate need to worry over global arming

Fact: Unless and until, some immediate steps are not taken with respect to this, one can be sure that their children will have to live in a world much greater suffering than our own. We risk losing everything if the trend continues. If we don’t do anything soon, it will be too late to curb the devastating effects of global warming.

After getting an overview of these global warming myths and facts, one should face the gravity of the situation. Still, it is not too late. But it remains as one of the biggest environmental challenges the human species has ever seen. Read these global warming facts and myths again carefully and see how you can make a difference.

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