Scientific Global Warming Facts

One must get aware of the global warming facts, as it has become a threat to our plant earth and the life on it. It is affecting many parts of the world, making the sea rise, and he water flooding many low land islands. It is posing a big problem for most of the plants, animals, and people on these regions. Read on to imbibe several global warming facts and statistics.

Scientific global warming facts

1. Global warming is caused by the excessive emission of green house gases into the atmosphere, leading to the rise of earth’s temperature. This green house effect is simply referred to as global warming. In recent times, the effects of global warming have been seen more prominently, with many natural calamities rising in the whole world.

2. Another of the global warming facts is that from the past few years, it is increasing thus leading to the rise in temperature of the earth. Human activities contribute to the rise of global warming by releasing green house gases such as carbon dioxide, methane & nitrous oxide. Thermals power plants contribute largest in producing green house gases, and road vehicles as well as industries are also great sources of green house gases.

3. Global warming has led to the rise in mean earth surface temperature, hence melting of polar ice. The rise in the melting of ices results in floods also causing other natural calamities further increasing the sea level which will swallow up low lying countries.

4. Global warming has also impacted animal kingdom. As one of the scientific global warming facts, its effect on animal kingdom has led to extinction of various species.

5. Global warming also affects the seasons too. Now, summers are getting longer in comparison to winters thus affecting animals, also making made them to shift their lifestyle accordingly. But those animals who can’t adapt the changes seasons extinct and on the verge of extinction.

6. As per the global warming facts and statistics, its effect has also been noticed on crop production. This is also one of the global warming facts; due to the sudden changes in temperatures of rains crops are getting destroyed. Moreover, natural calamities like flood or droughts also affects crops. Aside from this, global warming also has led to the rise of new diseases.

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