What Are Global Warming Effects On Earth?

What are global warming effects on the environment? Well, the effects can be many, physical, ecological, social or economic and on weather, oceans as well as on our health and food. There has been evidence of observed global warming effects, some of which include rising sea levels, and decreased snow cover in the Northern Hemisphere

Most of these global warming effects on earth have been most obvious ever since the mid-20th century. The increase in human greenhouse gas concentrations predicts future climate changes and some extreme weather events. The list of global warming effects is expected to increase. Several countries have agreed to apply policies designed to reduce their emissions of greenhouse gases in order to reduce global warming effects.

Global warming effects on the environment have tuned into a global issue and are already affecting many parts of the world. The governments are taking many steps to curb global warming. The global warming effects on earth have already rung the warning bells. The sooner we act, the better for us.

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