What Is Global Warming?

Today, global warming has become a threat to all mankind and the planet. It has become one of the primary concerns of our time. But what is global warming? To define global warming in simple words, it is the constant increase of the earth’s temperature causing rapid changes in climate. We, humans have greatly contributed to the increase of global warming today. If you are still not completely aware of these issues then you are just at the right resource to collect the right information on the subject of global warming.

The major cause leading to global warming is the excessive discharge of green house gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide in the atmosphere. Other important sources of greenhouse gases are deforestation, fewer trees means less conversion of carbon dioxide into oxygen. Moreover, this hurts animals as well as plants. Now, the time has come for all of us to start fighting against global warming. Do what you can do to help protect your environment; recycling, reusing will certainly be positive steps towards protecting the environment.

One must be aware of the causes as well as the effects of global warming. Get complete information about global warming as well as myth and facts related to it.

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